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Vasya Diagnost
Вася диагност Вася диагност

Professional tool for VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat

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We believe that car maintenance can be simple and accessible to everyone. We create a software environment that helps to personalize the behavior and settings of your car, safety, comfort and multimedia functions. All of this is under your control.
Free application updates
Adding new features and expanding the capabilities of your car. Without subscriptions and hidden fees.
Convenient application
Manage the electronic systems of Volkswagen AG cars using a simple and intuitive interface.
Full access to all electronic control units
Extended information about the electronic control unit and its subsystems - part number, firmware version, coding value, and much more
Automatic saving of diagnostic logs
Logging of all changes made from the application in all vehicles.
OBD-II compatibility
Support for engines of other brands compatible with OBD-II protocols.
Activation of functions
Enable interesting visual features and hidden functions, code when retrofitting with factory options.
Diagnostics, testing, troubleshooting
Determine the actual mileage, perform troubleshooting in all control units, including stop-frame data for each malfunction.
Reset oil reminders
Quick reset and adjustment of oil and service intervals when performing scheduled and repair work.
Graphs of measured values
Viewing parameters from sensors and measured values in real-time mode with saving data to a file.
Self-service maintenance
Perform DSG adaptation, start DPF regeneration and other service operations.
Cables & Adapters
Activation code

Starter kits

Vasya Diagnost kits consist of everything you need for car diagnostics. The interface is the brain of the system, and the adapter set allows you to connect to any Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat.
ВАСЯ диагност (Origin)
Vasya Diagnost (Origin)
Vasya Diagnost starter kit consists everything that you need for car diagnostics.
In the box
Professional USB Interface
USB cable 2.0 AM-BM 2m
activation code
ВАСЯ диагност (Origin Plus)
Vasya Diagnost (Origin Plus)
Advanced Vasya Diagnost kit with an adapter included, allowing connection to any Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat.
In the box
Professional USB Interface
USB cable 2.0 AM-BM 2m
activation code
adapter OBD-II - 2x2

Cables & Adapters

For connecting diagnostic systems to a car that is not equipped with an OBD-II connector.
Провод USB Ugreen (Am - Bm) 2.0м
USB Cable
Cable USB Ugreen (Am - Bm) 2.0m
USB cable with a length of 2.0 meters. Thick tinned copper core 28/24AWG. Triple shielding (foil/braid/ground). High-quality ABS shell.
Переходник OBD-II — MB Sprinter 14 pin
OBD-II adapter
OBD-II — MB Sprinter 14 pin adapter
When working with the 1st generation Crafter LT2 (2D, 1996-2006), which is based on the 2nd generation Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, an OBD-II to MB Sprinter adapter cable is required.
Переходник OBD-II — 2x2
OBD-II adapter
OBD-II — 2x2 adapter
Some VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat cars manufactured before 1998 require the use of a K-line cable. It's functionally identical to the VW VAS-5051/2 adapter.

Software license

Activation of software in case of device transfer, usage, and the need for activation by third parties.
Программная лицензия Вася Диагност
Activation code
Software license
Activation of software in case of device transfer, usage, and the need for activation by third parties.
Вася Диагност

Supported vehicles

Produced in the period from 1990 to the present. One application for diagnostics the entire model range

Vasya Diagnost PRO — car diagnostic app

Vasya Diagnost runs on Windows XP/7/8/10/11, the system requirements are minimal
Обновление ВАСЯ диагност

Where to buy?

Our systems are sold and delivered by postal and
courier services to over 70 countries worldwide.

Purchase, install, connect, but technical support and software updates are our main goal.
For Distributors and Dealers
For Authorised repairers and Professional
Easier to sell
The product is understandable to users and is not perceived as complex equipment.
Easier to promote
We promote the diagnostics category, search for growth points together.
Easier to plan
We offer a flexible procurement pricing system that depends on the volume of batches.
Global support
We provide technical consulting and assistance with everything related to the product.
Supported vehicles
One device for diagnosing the entire range of vehicles produced from 1990 to the present.
More runs
Testing the car, polling the control units takes no more than 5 minutes.
Above average check
During diagnostics or retrofitting, customers ask to activate hidden functions.
Professional software
Free updates that add new features and expand the list of supported models.