Release: Vasya Diagnost 23.5.0
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Release: Vasya Diagnost 23.5.0

Release: Vasya Diagnost 23.5.0

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the Vasya Diagnost 23.5.0 application. The new version contains many new features and improvements in the code that will significantly improve the program's performance and productivity. Some of the changes available in the new version of the program include:

  • support for (projects/VINs) platforms: D2-VW27, R1-VW27, CP-VW37, DC-VW37, CX-VW41, E8-VWE3;
  • updated reference system for control units using ASAM/UDS/ODX, added 460+ ASAM labels;
  • Windows timer bypass mode in the Measured Values menu, allowing for a multiple increase in data acquisition frequency.

Why is sampling frequency important?

Sampling frequency is the rate at which measured values (such as temperature, pressure, engine speed, etc.) are updated and recorded in a log. The higher the sampling frequency, the more accurate and detailed data can be obtained in real-time mode.

In car diagnostics, high sampling frequency is an important factor as it allows for more values of the measured quantity to be obtained per unit of time. This data can be used to determine the cause of the problem and its resolution.

Please note that the Windows Timer Bypass setting is experimental and may result in obtaining unreliable values when used. Therefore, logging to a file with this setting is temporarily disabled, but it can be useful for plotting or obtaining values in real-time mode.

To update to the new version, users can visit our website and download the new version of the software. Or follow the installation instructions provided on the website:

How to update the application:

If you have any questions, please contact with our technical support team.