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Vasya Diagnost PRO — car diagnostic app

Vasya Diagnost runs on Windows XP/7/8/10/11, the system requirements are minimal
Обновление ВАСЯ диагност

Functions and features

What can an interface do?
Functions and features
Diagnostics, testing, troubleshooting
Activation of functions and factory options during retrofitting
Building graphs, saving diagnostic reports
OBD-II compatibility
All function


Which cars are supported?
We will help you choose an interface for your car and tell you what features will be available to you with the Vasya Diagnost.
Explore all the features of the software for your car by going to the selection page.
Supported cars
How long does the license last?
After purchasing the license, you can use all its features without any time restrictions, subscriptions, or hidden fees. You can download and install all updates for your adapter for FREE. Moreover, the installation and activation of the program do not affect the device itself, so "YES", you can use the program on different laptops or tablets.

The license is provided not by a written contract, but by an EULA (End User License Agreement). Its purpose is to confirm the legality of the client's use of the software product.
How to find out the serial number?
The serial number can be found on a sticker or in an email that you received after purchasing the license.
The number looks like XXXXXX XXXX XXXX.

Don't know which interface to choose?

We will help you choose an interface for diagnosing your car, as well as everything you need for it
Choose interface
Не знаете, какой адаптер выбрать? Не знаете, какой адаптер выбрать?

Our products

Vasya Diagnost (Origin)
Vasya Diagnost starter kit consists everything that you need for car diagnostics.
In the box
Professional USB Interface
USB cable 2.0 AM-BM 2m
activation code
Vasya Diagnost (Origin Plus)
Advanced Vasya Diagnost kit with an adapter included, allowing connection to any Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat.
In the box
Professional USB Interface
USB cable 2.0 AM-BM 2m
activation code
adapter OBD-II - 2x2

User interface