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The manufacturer guarantees the absence of defects in the materials of the product and manufacturing defects at the time of initial purchase by the end user and during the warranty period. To confirm your rights to warranty service, please keep the cash receipt or any other document confirming the purchase of the product.

In case of any questions or issues related to the product, please contact with our technical support team.

The warranty period for the products is 12 months from the date of sale (delivery of the product to the user) indicated on the receipt or invoice. The warranty period for cables and adapters included in the product package or purchased separately is 1 month from the date of sale. In the absence of a receipt or invoice, the warranty period is calculated from the date of product manufacturing. Please note that the warranty card cannot serve as proof of the date of sale. The warranty for the product is valid only in the country where it was purchased.

The manufacturing date (year, month) is determined by the product's serial number.

If your device requires warranty service, please contact the seller. Before contacting the seller regarding warranty service, we strongly recommend seeking consultation from our Technical Support Service - this will help expedite the resolution of any issues.

To receive warranty service, you need to present the following documents along with the device requiring service:

  • cash receipt or any other document confirming the purchase, containing information about the product - name, serial number, date of sale;

The seller may refuse free warranty service if the provided documents are incomplete, illegible, or contain information that does not correspond to reality.

In the absence of the mentioned documents, the warranty period is calculated from the manufacturing date determined by the device's serial number by the Manufacturer.

The Manufacturer has the right to void the warranty, and the seller has the right to refuse warranty service if the serial number on the device's casing has been altered, erased, removed, or damaged (if the damage prevents the reliable reading of the serial number).

During warranty service, the Manufacturer will repair the product free of charge or replace the product or its defective parts/components. The Manufacturer may replace defective products or their parts with new or refurbished ones that are functionally identical to the original ones. The warranty for the original product applies to the replacement parts for the remaining time. All replaced products and parts become the property of the Manufacturer. During the service process, device identifiers (such as the serial number) may be changed, and this will be noted in the service documents and/or warranty card.

This warranty does not cover:

  • periodic maintenance, repair, replacement of parts, or the entire device due to natural wear and tear that occurs during use;
  • consumables and accessories, including (but not limited to): memory cards, software disks, etc.;
  • defects caused by non-compliance with standards for power supply voltages, cables, telecommunications networks, and other external factors;
  • defects caused by the use of third-party accessories, consumables, and information carriers.
  • incompatibility with equipment and accessories of third-party production, unless such compatibility is explicitly stated in the instructions or product description;
  • defects caused by unauthorized modifications to the embedded software, or the use of unauthorized embedded software, or actions of third-party software;
  • natural wear and tear during use;
  • defects caused by intentional or negligent actions (or inactions) of the consumer or third parties;
  • defects resulting from accidents, fires, exposure to foreign liquids, chemicals, other substances, flooding, vibration, high temperature, improper ventilation, radiation, electrostatic discharges, including lightning strikes, and force majeure circumstances.

The right to warranty service is lost in the following cases:

  • violation of the rules and conditions of operation, transportation, and storage of the device, as stated in the documentation accompanying it;
  • use of the device for purposes other than its intended use or for purposes that do not correspond to personal home use;
  • evidence of unauthorized repairs (violation of warranty seals, signs of soldering, opening of the device's casing, etc.).
  • evidence of foreign objects, substances, liquids, etc., entering the device;
  • presence of defects in the device resulting from careless use (short circuits, mechanical, electrical, thermal damage, damaged connectors and contacts, cracks, chips, signs of impact or mechanical stress, etc.).

In complex or disputed cases, the manufacturer reserves the right to determine whether the device is eligible for warranty service or if the case is considered non-warranty, acting within the framework of the law.

During the servicing of the device, all user information may be deleted, and the embedded software may be updated to the version recommended by the manufacturer. The manufacturer is not responsible for the preservation of information and the confidentiality of information stored in the device during the transfer of the device for warranty service.

Use of Contact Information

When contacting for warranty service, the Manufacturer will receive information from the seller about this warranty service and your contact details, including your name, phone numbers, mailing address, and email address. This information may be used by the Manufacturer solely for the purposes of warranty service or to obtain your feedback on the conducted warranty service.

Other Provisions

The rights and obligations of the buyer related to the purchase of the product are determined by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Law of the Russian Federation No. 2300-1 dated 7.02.1992 "On Consumer Protection," the User Manual of the product, as well as the Warranty Service Terms. In case of discrepancies between the Warranty Service Terms and the applicable legislation, the applicable legislation should be followed.

It is recommended to keep the packaging of the device and the documents of its purchase during the warranty period of the product. This will help facilitate warranty service.

The service life of the product is 24 (Twenty-four months) from the date of sale, but not exceeding 30 (Thirty months) from the date of production.

The warranty also does not cover subjective or aesthetic aspects of the Products and/or Software. By using the Manufacturer's software, you acknowledge that it is provided "as is," with all faults and defects, and you assume all risks of use. The Manufacturer makes every effort to correct any errors, enhance the capabilities of the Software, but does not guarantee the implementation of any changes, including within a specific timeframe.

The Manufacturer is not liable for any possible harm, directly or indirectly related to the use of the product, caused to individuals, pets, or property.